The Difference

The Difference

Value Added Services are just a part of the recruiting process, but these extras guarantee that potential candidates presented exceed client-defined expectations. 

Some of these services include: 

Completed Assessments We provide the candidate with a questionnaire to fill out, which helps us assess candidate’s eligibility for employment/placement. Information regarding job history, types of products a candidate has marketed or sold in the past, clinical and higher education degrees achieved, and EEOC tracking data will be asked for and provided to the client. 

Video Interviews
We interview candidates one on one via recorded SKYPE interview, and assess their strengths and weaknesses. We then send the interview to the clients upon their request; this saves clients time and money on a first impression experience. Our unique service is beneficial to candidates because it offers more visibility and personification to the employment placement process. 

Video Resumes
We record a 3-5 minute segment of the candidate’s verbal representation of their individual career paths and goals. The Lee Weber Group provides the client with the video, while also assessing the candidate’s on-screen performance. 

The Lee Weber Group belongs to two recruiting Networks, First Interview and U.S. Recruiters. These networks are comprised of 400 other recruiting agencies nation wide. We work together behind the scenes to find top talent, and eliminate the need for our clients to utilize multiple agencies. This streamlines the hiring process and creates less work for the client. We are also a preferred LinkedIn Member, and have a national presence with the medical community on LinkedIn. 

Internal Data Base
The Lee Weber Group has, at its disposal, an extensive database that allows fast access to thousands of qualified candidates. Candidates can be telephone-screened and presented for the live interview process within five business days. Candidates are chosen based on client-defined or industry specific parameters. 

Our passion and expertise
can be tailored to drive results and ensure success. Selection of the right person with the right talents in the right position is our goal. Delivery of results is our promise. That’s our commitment to the client. 

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